4 Tips For Selling Your Home

Selling your home is an emotional event. You have probably spent years living in it, not to mention all the fond memories in it. It is also one of your biggest assets, so you will probably want to get an expert listing agent who can get you the most money for the sale, while offering unrivaled service. When trying to achieve these goals people often make costly mistakes. Do not let that happen to you!

4 Tips For Selling Your Home!

1) How to Price Your Home

The first rule in real estate is: "location, location, location." Manhattan Beach homes are red hot, so are Hermosa Beach homes and Redondo Beach Homes. The second rule is pricing. It is no secret that when selling your home, correct pricing is everything. Price your home too high and it sits on the market, often going through a price reduction and generating weak offers. By pricing too high you are competing against properties that have more to offer and you will not draw the same interest as if you were correctly priced. Correct and competitive price in relation to what is available on the market is the key. 

To price your home correctly ask for comparables (click to get an instant home valuation). These "comps" are how industry professions price your home to generate interest.  They will adjust the price based on comparison to what is available on the market.


2) First Impressions

Do not assume that potential buyers can look past your personal belongings to visualize how they would utilize the home. This isn't always the case, people are very visual. Like it or not sometimes they get thrown off by aesthetics. This is why staging is important when selling your home. You want to minimize distractions and allow the agent to show your home in the best light possible.

Style and taste is subjective so go for a neutral décor for mass appeal. Also, keep your home clean and orderly. Clean homes show better, you would be amazed how much a quick dusting and a pressure wash help. If you are highly opposed to this, ask for virtual staging, we have successful utilized this strategy to "stage" or even some cases remodel our listings.

3) The Buyer Is No Longer Local

More people will view your home on the internet than in person. Having stellar, stand-out photos is key. Real Estate professionals often send your property as a link to clients to view the home on the web. They then direct them to the open house of call for a showing. There is also the global reach of the internet and powerhouses like Zillow, Trulia, etc... have global reach. If your listing agent did not obtain well lit photos, ask for a reshoot. Proper real estate photos will give potential buyers a sense of the layout and "flow" of your home.


4) Play It Cool

So you tips 1-3 covered and have offers in hand. Now its time to remember that selling your home is a more of a business decision than an emotional one. Far too often sellers will lose the best offer because they talked themselves out of a good decision.

Always be aware of your bottom line when considering offers. To find this out calculate how much you owe on the home you are selling and how much you will need for the purchase of your next home. Use this number to compare all the offers, any offer close to or above this figure is worth negotiating.