Unfortunately, selling a house with fire damage is a situation that many homeowners face. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 358,500 home fires in the U.S. resulted in $6.7 billion in damage from 2011 to 2015. The record-setting California wildfires of late 2017 likely will add to that statistic, with tens of thousands of fire-damaged homes and billions of dollars in insurance claims.


According to Realtor.com, you basically have two options if you want to sell your home after a fire: You can sell it as is or you can repair it. In many cases, selling the home as is might be the easier solution because you don’t have to hire contractors or to manage and live through the process. However, many real estate agents agree that the convenience of not doing the work will cost you when it comes to the selling price. Buyers could expect a big discount if they’re purchasing a fire-damaged property. However, making repairs such as painting, cleanup and curb appeal yourself may get you a 100 percent or greater return on investment and can be done relatively inexpensively.