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Real estate agents always are available to offer great advice on how to buy a home. But have you ever asked one how they go about buying their own home? You’d be surprised at the insider tricks they have hiding up their sleeves. Here, Realtor.com shares five methods Realtors have used to score their own homes.


1. When your agent calls to tell you there’s a hot new listing, drop everything and go see it


As soon as a sweet listing pops up on the multiple listing service, be warned that it’s probably not going to last, especially if other nearby properties are selling quickly. Be the first buyer to see the home just after it’s listed. Even if you don’t offer the full asking price, sellers likely will be confident accepting a fast and strong offer.


2. Take your sweet time


On the opposite end of the spectrum, not all agents rush to new listings. Some wait until they’ve gone a bit stale. While submitting an offer on a just-listed, perfectly updated home almost always will never get you a deal, a favorite trick is focusing on homes that have been on the market for more than 21 days. In the end, you could wind up buying a property that’s been languishing on the market for much less than the asking price.


See more of 424 2nd Street, Manhattan Beach, CA HERE

See more of 424 2nd Street, Manhattan Beach, CA HERE

3. House-hunt in the fall and winter


Houses look better in the summer, due to the added sunlight and special touches such as fresh flowers on the porch. This means sellers are likely to collect top dollar. The solution? Wait until the summer frenzy is over when houses have less traffic and waning curb appeal. Who knows? You might be able to snag a great deal on a house. You might even consider making an offer during a holiday, such as Thanksgiving weekend, when open houses usually are deserted.


4. Deliver your offer in person


If you find a house you loved, try to meet with the seller personally—before they even started talking numbers—to explain why the house is ideal for you and your family. Although many buyers may include a personalized letter with their offer, an in-person delivery can be key. The first-hand connection makes it easier and smoother to put a transaction together. When you’re standing there negotiating your request for a better deal also is much more difficult to refuse.


See more of 424 2nd Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

See more of 424 2nd Street, Manhattan Beach, CA HERE

5. Follow up with stubborn sellers until they cave


Home buying is a numbers game. Sometimes you can score a deal on a property by spreading your net wide. Basically, this means submitting below-list-price offers on many houses you find suitable. While many home sellers won’t be interested in playing ball with you, you’ll want to follow up once a month and reiterate your interest with any sellers you think will soften in time. The seller might be much more reasonable if the house is still on the market after a long wait, and you could be the only potential buyer still paying attention.


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