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Five Ways to Make Sure Buyers Choose Your House Rather Than Your Neighbor’s

Going head-to-head with a neighbor’s listing can make a complex process even more challenging. Here, Trulia offers five ways to beat out the neighborhood competition and to sell your home first, especially during the peak spring real estate season.

  1. Focus on curb appeal

A good first impression can make a world of difference when you’re selling your home. By upgrading your curb appeal, you have a chance to influence how potential buyers feel about your home before they even step inside. To draw buyers to your property instead of the house next door, invest in seasonal curb appeal. Consider completely re-landscaping your property and then holding a large open house.

  1. Don’t skip staging

Staging your home for sale can feel like a luxury. But when you’re competing with your neighbors for buyers’ attention, staging can help sell your home faster. You’ll get better listing photos and make a better impression at a showing. This is especially true if homes in your neighborhood have similar floor plans and finishes. Great staging can make a space seem larger and really show off a home’s best features.

  1. Consider high-end photography

When your home is competing with a neighbor’s, those first impressions online matter even more. This is when a buyer considers whether to request a showing for your home—or your neighbor’s home. You want your house to stand out. If your listing photos are dark, blurry or simply don’t make your home stand out, your home might not draw as many potential buyers. Find an agent who hires professional photographers. You also might consider adding video or drone photography for an extra edge.

  1. Enhance your home’s best features

Making strategic updates can help sell your home faster than your neighbor’s house. Get your house market-ready by focusing on the updates that most buyers love, such as a kitchen remodel. This strategy can be even more powerful if your neighbors have cut corners for savings.

  1. Price it well

Overpricing can stall a home sale from the start—especially if your neighbor’s home is priced more competitively. If you overprice and the home sits on the market for even as little as a week, people start to wonder if something might be wrong with it. Meanwhile, an appropriately priced home gives you an edge on the neighborhood competition. Some agents even recommend slightly underpricing your home to encourage interest and fast action from buyers.