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Increasing Rents Make It a Good Time to Buy

The demand for house and apartment rentals has been steadily increasing since the recession, and rent has increased right along with it. According to’s recap of the 2014 Property Owner and Manager Report, 85% of property managers raised their…

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Millennials Want to Be Homeowners

It’s true that many millennials are renters, but that doesn’t mean they want to be or will be for long. According to the 2014 California Association of Realtors Millennial Survey, 50 percent of this demographic hold positive attitudes toward the…

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Stay Warm & Save Money by Insulating Your South Bay Home

Winter is almost here and falling temperatures have already begun creeping into the South Bay. While our colder weather counterparts might balk when we say it’s chilly, the beach cities regularly dip into the 40s at night. Living in those…

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Why Your Listing Agent Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

Perhaps the most basic principle in sales is to know your target buyer. This is true for everything from small-ticket items like a new pair of shoes to big-ticket items like a luxury home. Let’s take a moment to consider…

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South Bay Luxury Real Estate: One-Third of Buyers Paying Cash

A recent article by the Daily Breeze shows a continued upward trend in the South Bay — more and more million-dollar-home buyers are paying cash for their luxury properties. Manhattan Beach led the state in million-dollar home sales in 2013…

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Hermosa Beach Getting New Luxury Hotel

the beach house in hermosa beach

Hermosa Beach has, in the past several years, become a boom town for luxury hotels. Now it’s going to get its third, making it the ideal location for tourists, vacation renters, and business travelers to the South Bay. All of…

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South Redondo Beach Snapshot

Let’s take a look at the local market in one of my favorite neighborhoods in the South Bay – South Redondo Beach. Home to the Riviera Village, the Esplanade neighborhood, and adjacent to Torrance and Palos Verdes, South Redondo is…

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